33″ x 38″


My inspiration for this painting comes from my love of botany, encouraged by high school and college courses. It is not only about the visible external beauty of plants but also about what their perceived symbolism might mean to our existence. When plants reproduce, they do so without inhibitions and respond to all the needs of survival. Consequently, as disinterested voyeurs, we can observe this floral erotica without embarrassment, which is not the case when observing other life forms uninhibitedly exhibiting similar reproductive and survival instincts.

So, upon closer examination, who knows what we might find? Do plants have feelings? Is there passion in pollinization? We assume that only humans have souls and to imagine such emotions in blossoms and blooms must seem ridiculous. But for some of us who are awakened in the night by the sounds of delight coming from our gardens, especially during the springtime, it must be very thought provoking.

In our area, winter is light but long. Then comes an unsure spring, quickly followed by summerʼs blast, hardly giving time for plants to implement their designated seasonal routine. Nonetheless, all was successful once again and if you missed the lustful frenzy of this botanical bacchanalia, it is most unfortunate.