43″ x 38″


Anyone with the slightest artistic sensibilities understands the wondrous beauty of our planet, a glorious garden that God and Mother Nature have provided for us.

But peopleʼs need to produce things often results in unhappy residues which put our garden in jeopardy. We try to control it, or even stop it, but we need the things we produce. So we make excuses to justify what is happening and sometimes say it is really not happening at all.

The central upper part of the painting is sludge sliding into that symbolic garden. That sludge consists of actual kitchen garbage encased in acrylic. A single flower protrudes as a defiant gesture to resist the pollution, surely a hopeless task. Other flowers, also encased in acrylic, are part of the collage that is surrounded by a frenzy of colors, suggesting to us the conflict between beauty and utility.